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Family History Research:

If you have something specific which you would like me to find out for you, I will charge my hourly rate of £24. 

Most people prefer to choose a package which guarantees certain information for a fixed price.

These Family History Packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are outlined below.

I usually ask for one third of the price so that I can buy records and get started on your Family Tree, one third once I have made significant progress and the remaining third when I am ready to send you your finished Family History book. 

I will also need to ask you for postage. This will vary from package to package, and depending on whether the parcel is, for example,  tracked or signed for. I will discuss this with you before posting, so that you know exactly what to expect. All postage is charged at cost.

Most people prefer to pay by bank transfer. I can also accept payment via cheque or Paypal, but I will have to ask for a 5% premium to cover the Paypal charges.

 Transcription of Documents and Mini-Biography Writing.

These are one-off activities, utilising particular skills. I charge an hourly rate of £24. Please contact me to discuss how long a particular piece is likely to take. You may wish to give me a budget or time-span within which you would like me to work.

 Family History Packages.

Bronze: £245

One family branch – your surname, your father’s, mother’s or grandmother’s line – you choose.

(You can always add other branches later, if you wish.)

The Bronze Package typically runs to about 80 sides of A4:

I will trace your ancestors in this branch back to the early 1800s or beyond. This is typically five or six generations.

I will make you family tree charts including your direct ancestors and the names of all of their siblings and children. 

I will present the information in written form as a narrative.

I will find out what your ancestors did for a living and include some background information about their trade or profession.

I will find out where your ancestors lived.

I will find out what their siblings did and who they married and see if there are any connections within your Family Tree. (Families often helped each other in time of hardship by fostering children, for example.)

I will include copies of any censuses, parish registers, wills, trade directories, military service histories, criminal records and other documents which hold information about your ancestors.

I will include up to 2 BMD (Birth, Marriage & Death) Certificates (worth up to £11 each).

I will publish all of your family history in a presentation folder which you can enjoy yourself, share with your family or give as a fascinating gift. This will include a CD with all of my research notes which you can download to add to or share.

 Silver: £450

Two branches – usually both of your parents.

All of the information in the Bronze package, but for twice as many ancestors!

(A saving of £30 over two separate Bronze packages.)

Gold: £675

Three family branches.

This might be three of your grandparents.

Sometimes adoptive and birth parents might be included in any package, if this is what you prefer.

(Saving £40)

 Platinum:  £900

Four branches – all four of your grandparents!

All of the above for four branches of your family tree.

(Saving £50) 

This is a full research project which may take two or three months. It will provide you with as much information about your family tree as can be reasonably discovered. Like all of the packages, it will include background information, family trees, narrative accounts, and copies of documents.

This is “The Full Monty”!

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