Welcome to Westwood Family History.

As a professional writer, genealogist and family historian, I can help you to trace your ancestors and create your Family Tree.

I can put my time and expertise at your disposal to help you with your Family History research.

One: If you haven't started yet...

I can research your Family History and build your Family Tree.

Two: If you have been researching your Family History and have got stuck with unreadable handwriting...

I can read and transcribe your old Family History documents, such as wills, censuses, letters and parish register entries.

Three: If you have the bare bones of your family's history, but you want more...

Sepia photograph of my grandma's 21st birthday.

I can write a fully researched mini-biography of someone from your Family Tree.

For help, advice or just a chat, phone 07787 537796 or email me at gardenfarm@live.co.uk

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