I have now passed the milestone of 100 Family History Books written! To see some of the comments from my happy customers, read on!

It was my Mam’s Birthday yesterday and I gave her the family tree.  Just wanted to thank you as she absolutely loves it! She’s over the moon. She’s never put it down, been on the phone to her siblings talking about it all. Perfect present, so thank you!  Once I get Christmas over with I will look into another line if you want to take that on? 

Jennie Groves, Northumberland. (Bronze Package)

We have enjoyed looking at my husband's family tree so much that we would like you to do one for my father's family...

Mrs M Pawsey, Sussex.  (Bronze Package)

I couldn't put it down once starting to read and study the fantastic story you created from my Bool genealogy.

The census forms and parish records were not clear enough for my failing eyesight, but, you seem somehow to have made sense from them and printed me the salient points. A great help.

I will, if you are agreeable, want you to also move on to Jarrett and Tucker once Bennett is completed.

Graham Jarrett, Wales and the West Country. (started with Bronze package)

Mum and Dad are thrilled with the Family Tree, they both think it's wonderful and are enjoying reading and nattering about it.... Many thanks again for all your hard work.

Annie Cartwright, Staffs and Worcs. (Platinum Package)

Thank you so much for your hard work on this research! You have obviously spent a lot of time on this for me.

If I get stuck again I will certainly be asking for help! Thanks again.

Emma Phillips. (Stuck at a Brick Wall!)

Thanks again, I'll recommend you to friends!!

Suzanne Fothergill, Yorkshire. (Silver package)

The Family History was a fascinating read! Members of my family have taken it to read so I guess it will be some weeks before it’s returned for me to digest, I am so very pleased with your results.

George Mantle, London. (Bronze Package)

My Aunt has arrived from the States so she is going through the book. Thank you. I have a friend who is now interested in tracing her family tree... I will pass your details on.

Julie Rowe, Staffordshire and the World. (Bronze Package)

 I've just managed to track down the concierge to get hold of your parcel. I wasn't expecting it to be so big! There is so much information in there - thank you so much for all your work.

Going to take it to my Dad's this weekend. Grandparents are back in the UK on Wednesday and should be delighted to have so much information to read over.

Linnie Parry, Wales (Silver Package)

Sally Westwood helped me research an educational project for the publisher Boardworks. She investigated the history of my street, discovering who built my house back in Victorian times and how all the surrounding streets got their names. She brought my neighbourhood’s past to life, with vivid descriptions of the people who lived and worked there. Everything was backed up with impeccable factual research.

Martin Malcolm

Educational resources writer (Somerset)

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Victorian sepia photograph of John Huckle

My 3 x great grandfather, John Huckle. 

You traced my father’s side of the family last year, the kids are still getting the folder out and are still looking at it now. Do you still offer your ancestry service? I am looking to trace my mother’s side of the family.

Paul Nickels, Gloucestershire. (Bronze Package)

Fantastic! We are over the moon with our Family Tree Book! My husband can't stop reading it.... I'd recommend you to anyone. We'll be back with some more Family History for you soon!

Maureen Ferrand, Yorkshire. (Bronze Package)

Thank you sooooo much -  a great piece of work. I was quite overwhelmed by it all and will take time to digest but it is not only informative but gives a real insight into the world all those years ago with your great narrative. We shall all enjoy it enormously. It is strange how many times we have driven past those Cornish mines. How times have changed. On a more personal note, it fills a huge void for me. Thanks Sally you're a star!

Jan Cornwell, Devon. (Research and Bronze Package.) 

 Thank you so much for our family trees -  they are fantastic! More than I ever thought! The info you got is so interesting ...  I will get my husband to sort the basics of his family to forward to you. Thanks again!

Freda Gardiner, ancestors in the Midlands. (Platinum Tree)

Thank you for all of your hard work. My parents love it (couldn't wait until Christmas!)

Emma Boswell, Oxfordshire. (Platinum Package)

Thank you for everything.

Really happy reading my book and finding out about the industrial revolution and all other information...

My Nanna's Family Tree is all in a book done by another genealogist but I'd like it redone in the same style and layout as the one done by you... 

Aiden Shaw, Manchester area. (Bronze Package)

I confirm safe receipt of the parcel.  Have had a quick skim through it and am fascinated!  A lot of the family myths have been debunked - the French connection is a whole new world!!  Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work.

Irene Crabb, Edinburgh and Harrogate. (Bronze Package)

 One word... Fantastic. I haven't read them in detail, but when I do, I know it will be one of the most inspiring and interesting reads of "my life". Really Pleased.

Mike Higgins, Warwickshire and Lancashire. (Platinum Package)

 I have it !!!

I did not expect it to be so intensely professionally edited together and narrated upon. I am more than impressed.
So far I have just taken a glimpse at it. I am waiting for a quiet time tonight to peruse at leisure.
Thank you so very much.

Jacky Allen, mainly London (Silver Package)

Thanks very much for all your hard work and efforts over the past months on my family tree.

Karen and I had our heads in the books until one this morning!!!!

Yanto Evans, Oxfordshire (Platinum package)

The parcel arrived yesterday but as I was out it was left with my neighbour so just got my hands on it today. Just a quick note to say many thanks indeed. There is so much to read!! I’ve had to do it covertly this evening to avoid Tony noticing so I’ve only managed to skim read so far! Love the section on Jimmy Wood - all the adverts are fantastic!!! Can’t wait to give it to Tony next week! The whole family will love it I’m sure - thank you!

Louise Taylor, all over the place. (Platinum Package)

After questions from younger members of the family I became interested in discovering our ancestors. A number of web sites offered only partial information, making it difficult and time consuming. Being accurate was most vital to me. So I engaged the help of Sally Westwood who created the most interesting and true documentation of our family tree. She kept me informed at every stage. I was also pleased with the extensive content and how affordable it was.

John Travis in the Lake District. (Gold package)

Sally is a gifted historian and writer who has now chosen to share her talents by researching the histories and stories within families. The combination of being an excellent wordsmith and storyteller, and her precise approach to archive searches is the perfect match for her role as a genealogist and biographical writer.

Heather MacRae, Director Venture Thinking (Ancestors in Scotland, Canada and India)

Victorian photograph of Tom Waling

My 3x great grandfather, Thomas Waling.