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I have now passed a big milestone: 100 Family Trees written!

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example family tree of the Coleby family

So you'd like to study your Family Tree and get closer to the past; you'd like to see who your ancestors were and what they did, but you don't have the time or you don't know where to start...

You need the help of a Professional Genealogist and Family Historian.

As a professional writer, genealogist and family historian, I can use Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, censuses, parish registers and wills to track down your ancestors and help you to create your Family Tree.

Maybe I can find your ancestors in newspapers, migration records or even criminal records...

When I have found out as much as I can, I will present my findings to you as a written narrative as well as in the form of Family Tree Charts and genealogical records. I will include copies of original documents, photographs and background information in a readable and manageable form which you can enjoy yourself or give  as a gift. The finished  book will typically run to 60-80 pages for a "single branch" (see below); much more if you choose several branches of your Family Tree to research. I will also include all the information on disc so that you can share it. 

All you need to do is decide which of your ancestors you would like me to seek out.

[Please note that I do NOT use computer-generated text, as many genealogists and family historians do.]

photo of two family tree books waiting to be sent

Do you remember the old story about the Emperor of China who offered to reward a clever man with gold, silver and jewels? The man refused, and asked instead that a single grain of rice be placed on the first square of the emperor's chessboard; on the second two; on the third four, then eight... By the sixtyfourth and last square of the chessboard there would have been more rice than in all the emperor's granaries. 

Your ancestors work in much the same way - four grandparents, eight great grandparents, sixteen 2x great grandparents... and so on. The simplest, (and cheapest) route is for me to follow one branch of your Family History - say your father, his father, his father, back through the generations. I should be able to trace that branch of your Family Tree back at least to the early 1800s and quite possibly further.  

I could equally well start with your mother or grandmother if you prefer.

Two branches of your Family Tree will follow both of your parents' fathers (or mothers); four branches of your Family Tree will work back from all of your grandparents.

You may like something different including just three branches or adoptive and birth-parents' branches...   

Click here to look on the Prices page for muchmore information about Family Trees and  to see which package suits you. Or, if you'd like something more flexible, give me a call on 07787 537796 or email me at

As well as charts and narrative about your ancestors...

Photo of Family Tree charts and text

...There will be background information.  

This could include a profile of your ancestors' village, an explanation of their trade or old maps of the area where they lived.

Photo of background information and maps from Family Tree Book

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