What is a Mini-Biography?

A Mini-Biography is a drawing together of all the available information about your ancestor together with any relevant background information to create a professionally written Personal Story.

This is a step further than standard Family History (and two steps further than genealogy).

"What is the difference between Genealogy and Family History?" I hear you ask...

Genealogy is to do with tracing ancestors and making family trees, but primarily it is to do with establishing bloodlines. At its most basic, genealogy will create a Family Tree which consists of a pedigree or list of names.

Family History is also to do with tracing ancestors and making Family Trees. However, it is also to do with Social History. Thus, a family historian will be telling your ancestor's story in the context of the time and place in which they lived.

Whilst I am a Genealogist, I am primarily a Family Historian. I will tell the story of your Family History as I create your Family Tree.

Some of your ancestors will have particularly compelling stories to tell. Creating a mini-biography is your opportunity to really meet them face to face.

You can take a story I have uncovered for you whilst researching your Family Tree, or send me information you have discovered for yourself. I will add historical details and create a story which will make your ancestor's history come to life.

I will present your story along with pictures and documentation in an attractive folder along with a disc so that you can share it.

You will then have a professionally written  Family History story to pass down your family.

Victorian sepia photograph of Susannah Waling Clayton

My 2x great aunt, Susannah Waling (Clayton). 

For examples of Mini-biographies, read about my own Quaker ancestor, Mary Coleby, and her battle with authority or Major Tommy Evans MC MBE, featherweight champion of Scotland.

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