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1920s photo of my great uncle, Tom Waling
Photo of Dolly and Marlene Waling 1930s

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 My great uncle, Tom Waling, 1911-2010.

Aged 98, Tom recalled that he never owned a bicycle as a boy and said that this one must have been borrowed for the photo! Looking more closely, it does look a bit big for him... The dog was definitely his, though. Tom was so helpful in tracing my family history and making my family tree - he had lots of lovely detailed memories - a genealogist's dream!

The photo on the banner shows my mum and her brother and another of the family pets.

The insert shows one of my other favourites which I have used elsewhere - a party picture featuring Tom's wife, Dolly, and their daughter, Marlene. I have dragged poor Marlene around several graveyards and former family homes over the years, as well as picking her brains about our shared family history.